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At Reese Gruber + Associates, our principals and staff have decades of practical experience in public accounting and industry. Out principals have experience in a broad range of sectors including professional services; franchise; hi-tech hardware and software; consumer electronics; and, wireless technologies. Domestic and off-shore manufacturing and outsourcing relationships.
You will always have access to our principals  so you will not have to deal with novice accountants who lack the experience to give you the best advice. Our highly personal approach ensures that our clients grow with us, and that we acquire the special understanding of each client's needs that can result only from long, personal acquaintanceships.
If you need just a simple tax return, we’re there for you…and if you need a trusted business advisor to help you maximize your tax strategy, grow your business, and plan your long-range finances, we are there for you too.
Give us a call any time to discuss your accounting and tax needs. As long-time residents in Orange and San Diego Counties, we are always happy to assist the local community and your initial consultation is absolutely free.
Seldon has more than 20 years of accounting and management experience from a variety of industries including technology, distribution and logistics, hospitality, fast food and health care. Seldon began his career at Price Waterhouse and over the years has acquired a unique perspective of business environments. This perspective supports his passion for assisting companies in streamlining their processes to achieve accurate reporting and profitability. Seldon’s experience comes from firms ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.
Seldon completed undergraduate studies at Cal State University- Fullerton where he received a BA (Bachelor of Arts) with a major in Accounting. He received a CPA certification in the state of California.

Seldon Reese
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Tom has more than 30 years of accounting, financial and executive management experience based on his initial accounting foundation with Ernst & Young. Tom has served as CEO, CFO and COO with both privately held and publicly traded companies. The industry sectors were franchise (franchisor and franchisee); distribution and logistics; professional services; hi-technology (hardware and software); and wirless technologies. The company sizes ranged from start-up to billion dollar corporations.
Tom completed undergraduate and graduate studies at Ohio University where he received a BBA (Bachelors of Business Administration) degree and later earned an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree from Pepperdine University. He also received a CPA certification from the State of Ohio.

Tom Gruber
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